The following are the sole guidelines for your use of this Website ( This are established by Timothy Foster (Owner), and all first-person possessive language in this document refers to him.

Definitions of Terms

The following are definitions of key terms used in this document.

  • Website: This site,
  • Wikidot: The platform on which the Website runs
  • Owner: Timothy Foster, author of this periodical
  • Content: Words, images, and any other media for conveying information on this Website
  • Use: Viewing, utilizing, or redistributing Content
  • You: User of this Website
  • Document: This page detailing the legal guidelines for use of the Website
  • Post: A page written by me that disseminates my opinion and/or conveys information regarding a subject
  • Comment: Text written by myself or users of this Website in response to Posts or other Comments
  • Image: Static graphical display of pixels that portray an object or idea
  • Theme: The manifestation of CSS code on a website
  • Code: Source for software, usually given in a standard known programming language
  • Wikiapp: Use of Wikidot Code to achieve a goal not natively supported by the Wikidot platform
  • Program: Manifestation of source Code

Format of this Document

This Document is divided into multiple categories that represent key aspects of the Website. For each category, I will explain the legal terms regarding the Use of Content in that category. In particular, I will clarify guidelines for the following three elements that constitute Use:

  • Viewing: The reading of written Content, viewing of images, comprehension of code, operation of Flash embeds, downloading of programs, and active participation related to the category
  • Utilization: The augmentation of Your own works with the Content found in this category and any resulting modifications made to that information or its presentation
  • Redistribution: The restatement of this category's Content in locations other than this Website, or the redirection of other locations to this Website

Any other relevant terms are discussed afterward.

On Posts

Posts are listed on the Post Page, and each Post has its own dedicated page on the Website. All Posts are my own intellectual work, and any references that were used in their creation are listed at the end of the page.

  • Viewing: All Post Content may be freely viewed unless marked as hidden or deleted (such pages are automatically blocked)
  • Utilization: Post Content may be shared provided I am accredited via a full URL to the original source of the information (this Website)
  • Redistribution:
    • Post Content may only be restated if I am accredited via a full URL to the original source of the information (this Website)
    • Links to Posts must have proper context

Code on Posts follow a different set of guidelines, as specified in the On Code category.

On Comments

You are allowed to write responses to Posts that I make provided that you understand the follow terms:

  • Viewing:
    • All Comments can be viewed freely
    • You may only write Comments if You are logged into Wikidot or provide Your first and last names
    • You may only write external links if You are logged into Wikidot and have a Wikidot Karma greater than or equal to 1 (low)
    • I may at any time opt to remove Commenting privileges from those I deem necessary or for entire Posts
  • Utilization: I reserve the rights to the Content of all Comments written on this Website. This means that:
    • I may delete, remove, or obscure Comment Content as I deem necessary
    • I may freely reference any Comment and the author of said Comment provided I link to the Post containing the Comment
    • Once a Comment is written and submitted, You may not refine, edit, or remove it without contacting me first
  • Redistribution: Comments may be referenced provided a link to the original Post is provided

On Images

All images are my own work or generated with the aid of Apophysis unless otherwise stated. Images borrowed from another source will be given proper attribution with an Image Courtesy caption and a URL to the original source. Modified images will be given the same attribution along with the key word, "modified".

  • Viewing: All images may be viewed.
  • Utilization:
    • Images made by me may be used and shared provided that I am accredited via a full URL to the original source of the image (this Website)
    • Images not made by me ought to be accredited according to the guidelines of the original source
    • Images modified, but not originally made, by me may be shared provided that I am accredited via a full URL to the modified image (this Website)
    • Images may be modified using the same guidelines for accreditation as the above three points
  • Redistribution: Images may be reposted under the same guidelines for accreditation as the usage category

On CSS Themes

All CSS Themes on the WebDev page are my own intellectual work. All CSS source Code related to these Themes were written by me unless denoted otherwise with comments.

  • Viewing: All CSS source Code related to these themes are open for viewing.
  • Utilization:
    • The Themes on the given page are available for public use on other sites provided I am accredited via a full URL to the theme's page.
    • The Themes may be modified under the guidelines of the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
  • Redistribution: The Themes may be distributed under the guidelines of the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

On Wikiapps

All Wikiapps on the WebDev Page are my own work or the result of a collaborated effort.

  • Viewing:
    • In regard to viewing the product of the Wikiapp, refer to the provider's policy.
    • The Code of Wikiapps on this Website are closed-sourced unless otherwise specified or provided.
  • Utilization:
    • The Wikiapps on the given page are available for public use.
    • Accreditation is only necessary if the Wikiapp specifically requires it.
    • The Wikiapp's source Code may only be modified if the code is open-sourced or with my explicit permission. In the case that modification is permitted, refer to the guidelines of the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
  • Redistribution: Redistribution of the Wikiapps ought to provide a link to their original source (meaning the location that this Website links to, not this Website itself).

On Programs

All programs on the Program Page were made by me or through the effort of a collaboration. The programs may be written in ActionScript 3.0, C++, HTML5, Java, Javascript, or Haxe.

  • Viewing:
    • Programs marked as "Free" or are unmarked are available for public viewing
    • Programs marked with a non-zero price may only be viewed if that price is paid to me (unless another is otherwise stated)
    • The source Code for most programs is closed; Javascript programs are open-source, however, and hence their sources may be viewed
  • Utilization:
    • Programs may be used on other sites or within other programs provided that I am accredited via my name (Timothy Foster) and a full URL to the original Program.
    • Programs may be modified provided that: changes made to the original are stated; I am accredited via my name and a full URL to the original program; all derivative works follow this same guideline.
  • Redistribution:
    • Program links may only be distributed if the link leads to either this site or the appropriate store
    • Derivative works may be distributed under the guidelines of the provider of the work and provided that a full URL to the original work is given.

On Code

On Posts, I may provide snippets of Code in Haxe or other languages. This Code, unless otherwise stated, is of my intellectual work.

  • Viewing: Code snippets may be freely viewed.
  • Utilization:
    • Code snippets are for your own edification and may be used without accreditation unless otherwise specified or the snippet itself contains a comment with my name or a URL to this site. In that latter case, the comment must be kept.
    • Code snippets may be modified to fit Your purposes.
  • Redistribution: Code snippets and their derivatives may be freely distributed provided that these same guidelines still apply as is.

On This Site's Theme

This site uses a Theme called Aurora's Journal. It was designed by me and is the result of my intellectual conception.

  • Viewing: The source code of the theme may be viewed and studied.
  • Utilization:
    • Aurora's Journal may not be used on any other Wikidot site or adapted to another provider without my explicit permission.
    • Aurora's Journal may not be modified without my explicit permission.
  • Redistribution: The Aurora's Journal Theme may not be distributed without my explicit permission.

On Unspecified Content

Any Content not explicitly mentioned above is assumed to be licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Applying for Exemption

You may Contact me if You feel that You must have access to this Website's Content beyond what is allowed by the above guidelines. If I find that Your reasons are adequate, I may give You an alternate set of relevant guidelines. You must then either follow the modified guidelines or the ones found on this page.