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Today I introduce the beginning of what I hope will become a well-developed Haxe programming resource: HaxeDev. HaxeDev's mission is to provide fellow Haxe users with as much information about the language as possible.

Originally, my intent was to make this periodical, The Public Var, a kind of Haxe resource. After some brooding, I decided that the Public Var will work better as a personal blog about general programming and issues I find interesting (like education). Therefore, all the Haxe-dedicated stuff is being moved to HaxeDev where articles can be written in a more formal fashion.

Rather than merely being a blog-like periodical, HaxeDev will feature themed articles and actual tutorials, as well as links to additional resources. This ought to make it simpler for people to find the information they seek. More importantly, though, the structure allows HaxeDev to become a collaborative effort.

HaxeDev is not a solo venture. If you would like to contribute to the site, feel free to contact me to see what you can do!


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