Released: 09 Nov 2014 06:00
Version: 0.00.141109

Aquarithmetic is my submission for Texas A&M's Fall 2014 Game Jam. The game is supposed to be a mathematically-based puzzle game meant to help teach children addition, multiplication, and division. Unfortunately, I ended up by myself for this Jam, and hence the end product is terrible at presentation, albeit a good technical achievement for what it does.


For the Game Jam, contestants were given 45 hours to create a game from scratch with the theme of "Water". Aquarithmetic is supposed to be a water distribution game wherein facilities (the circles) attempt to distribute water to towns (squares).

Since there are no instructions (ran out of time), the goal of the game is to get the top numbers of the squares equal to the bottom numbers. This occurs by having water flow from stations (or other towns) to the towns via pipes. A pipe can be created from one facility to another by clicking on the pipe symbol in the side bar, clicking on the source facility, and dragging it to the destination.

When you press Start, water will flow from sources to destinations by dividing its number evenly between itself and all the destination nodes. At the Jam, I was told that the way in which this occurs is very unintuitive, and I hence intend to alter the mechanism in the future.

This is a game idea that I do not wish to let go. Now that I have much longer than 45 hours, I intend to make Aquarithmetic more intuitive and include a better GUI so that people can actually know what is going on. Furthermore, I seriously need to tone down that difficulty curve!