Released: 19 Jul 2015 05:00
Version: 1.00.150719

For a summer Game Jam held at the University of Advancing Technology in Arizona, I worked with a good friend of mine to put together a quick game in under 48 hours. Much to our chagrin, the theme of the Jam was "Bloody Mess", and neither of us are into blood and gore games. In spite of this, we built a cute little game in Unity about a puddle of blood trying not to get swept away.

Bloody Mess

In Bloody Mess, you control a blood puddle scurrying about a medical facility. Blood for some reason is dropping from the ceiling all over the place, so brooms were commissioned to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, this means cleaning up you as well! Your goal is to avoid the brooms and collect as many other blood puddles as possible.

In a Game Jam, your team is given only 48 hours to construct an entire game from scratch for a specified theme. I do not actually attend the university where the Jam was being held, so my friend and I worked over the Internet, streaming the development process on a Twitch channel called Wight Light Projects. Working remotely was challenging, and due to both timezone and scheduling differences, we did not get to use as much of the 48 hours as we wanted.

Our game features movement and collision, area-specific random generation of blood spots, interesting level design, and three different rudimentary AIs.