Released: 16 Apr 2016 05:00
Version: 1.00.160416

The PT Database App is an application for the Texas A&M computer science department to manage schedules for its peer teacher program. Peer teachers help students in class labs by answering questions and offering advice, but with over 50 PTs in the program, managing all of their schedules and updating the website can be a pain. This app serves as a one-way stop for assigning classes, managing office hours, and generating web content.

PT Database App

The PT WebBuilder was the original version of this app. All it was able to do was generate an HTML page given the lab assignment of peer teachers. The PT Database App is a vast improvement over the webbuilder, offering:

  • The ability to manage multiple databases, presumably for multiple academic semesters
  • The ability to actually assign labs to peer teachers based on a master list of all available courses (in the first version, these had to be hard-coded)
  • The ability to assign office hours to peer teachers
  • Automatic detection of conflicts between assigned labs, office hours, and the peer teachers' personal course schedules
  • The ability to import course schedules in bulk
  • The ability to export CSV files of the current assignments
  • The ability to generate the web page to an HTML file

Of these features, the former PT WebBuilder was only able to do the last.

This project was created in Haxe using the OpenFL, HaxeUI, and systools libraries. Source code can be found on Github.